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The Giddy Goat: Brewing More Than Coffee for Our Village

Since opening its doors in July 2018, The Giddy Goat has never been your typical coffee

spot. Its a social enterprise, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to channelling every

penny earned back into the heart of our community. By choosing to sip your favourite

coffee or indulge in our delightful treats, you're not just enjoying a culinary experience;

you're investing in the well-being of our village. Your support fuels the creation of a safe

and welcoming haven for all.

An Inclusive Retreat

At The Giddy Goat, inclusivity is woven into the very fabric of our existence. Step

through our doors, and you'll find a haven that welcomes everyone - families, dog lovers,

and those with different abilities. With disability- friendly access and a spacious outdoor

seating area, we ensure that every member of our community feels at home.

Community at the Core

The Giddy Goat doesn't just serve coffee; it serves the community. From supporting local

jobs and suppliers to initiatives during lockdown and hosting special fundraisers like

Christmas for the homeless, we're deeply rooted in the well-being of Riseley and its

surrounding area.

Recent Developments and Future Plans

Moving forward, The Giddy Goat envisions being more than a coffee shop - a dynamic

community space where friendships flourish, and ideas are shared.

The Giddy Goat Coffee Shop most recent project includes the setup of a monthly

community dining event. The first of these will be on Sunday 11th February at 3pm.

The event is free for anyone to come along to. All we ask is that you contact us on 01234

709061 or email the to give us an an idea of numbers

attending. If you would like a lift down to the Giddy on the day, we can arrange someone to

pick you up and drop you off, just give us a call.

To make this meal a success we are seeking donations and event helpers, if you would

like to help please email

Get Involved and Stay Connected

Find out how you can get involved, donate, or participate in upcoming events by

contacting us on

Cheers to good coffee and community spirit!

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