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New Monarch, New Menu

The United Kingdom has a long and rich history of monarchs, and the coronation of a new monarch is a momentous occasion that is celebrated by people across the country. One of the many ways that people show their excitement and support for a new monarch is by creating new meals and dishes that are inspired by the occasion.

There is something special about creating new dishes and meals in celebration of a coronation. It's a way to honour the new monarch and the traditions of the monarchy while also showcasing the creativity and innovation of the people. From traditional dishes with a modern twist to completely new and unique creations, the possibilities are endless.

One example of a traditional dish with a modern twist is the coronation chicken, which was first created in 1953 for the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II. The dish features a delicious combination of chicken, curry powder, mayonnaise, and other spices, and is often served on bread or a bed of lettuce.

Royal occasions demand a signature dish and King Charles III’s coronation is no exception.

The “coronation quiche” has been personally chosen by the king and Camilla, the Queen Consort, in the hope it will be a centrepiece to many a coronation “Big Lunch” at street parties and community events over the bank holiday weekend.

Of course, creating new meals and dishes isn't just limited to coronations. People in the UK love to celebrate all kinds of events with food, from weddings to holidays to sporting events. Food is a way to bring people together and share in the joy and excitement of an occasion.

Here at The Giddy Goat Coffee Shop we have launched a new summer menu just in time for the Coronation Bank Holiday weekend.

Pop along and have a taste of our delicious new dishes and the return of some old favourites.

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