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Egg-cellent fun this April

Easter is a time of celebration and renewal, and one of the most beloved traditions in the UK is the Easter egg hunt. Children and adults alike look forward to this exciting activity, which involves hiding and searching for chocolate eggs in gardens, parks, and other outdoor spaces. Here at The Giddy Goat Coffee Shop, Riseley we will be hosting one for our younger visitors on Saturday 1st April. Why not not pop along and treat yourself to some of our delicious new mini egg chocolate ice cream and creme egg ice cream whilst they hunt.

The history of the Easter egg hunt in the UK

The tradition of the Easter egg hunt dates back to the 17th century, when eggs were painted and hidden in gardens as part of a springtime celebration. The hunt was also a way to mark the end of the Lenten fast, during which eggs were forbidden.

Over time, the tradition evolved to include chocolate eggs, which were first introduced in the 19th century. The Easter egg hunt became a popular activity for families, and many communities began hosting large-scale events.

Significance of the Easter egg hunt

The Easter egg hunt has several meanings and symbols. For Christians, the egg represents the tomb from which Jesus rose on Easter Sunday, and the hunt symbolizes the search for the empty tomb. The act of finding and cracking open the egg also represents the triumph of life over death.

For non-religious families, the Easter egg hunt is simply a fun and festive activity that brings together loved ones and celebrates the arrival of spring. It's a chance to enjoy the outdoors, spend time with family and friends, and indulge in some delicious chocolate treats.

Whether you're religious or not, it's a fun and festive activity that everyone can enjoy. So why not pop along to the Giddy Goat this Saturday or plan your own Easter egg hunt this year and create some happy memories with your loved ones?

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