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Are you working at home and need a change of scene?

There are several benefits of using a local café when working from home, all of which we provide here at The Giddy Goat Coffee Shop, Riseley including:

  1. Change of scenery: Working from home can get monotonous, and a change of scenery can help to boost creativity and productivity. A café provides a different environment that can help stimulate your mind and give you a fresh perspective.

  2. Interaction with others: Working from home can be lonely, and interacting with others can help to break up the monotony and provide a sense of community. A café is a great place to meet new people, have casual conversations, and make connections.

  3. Fuel for the body and mind: A café provides access to food and drinks that can help to fuel your body and mind throughout the day. Whether it's a coffee to help you wake up, or a healthy snack to help you focus, having access to these resources can improve your work performance.

  4. Stimulation for the senses: A café can provide stimulation for all of your senses, from the smell of coffee to the sound of people chatting. This stimulation can help to boost creativity and enhance the overall work experience.

  5. Free Wi-Fi

  6. Heated indoor space for client meetings.

Overall, using a local café when working from home can provide numerous benefits that can help to improve your work experience and performance. So why not pop along and give us a try.

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